Bromo Jeep Rental 2019

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bromo jeep rental - bromo tour package

Bromo Jeep rental services in 2019

Bromo Jeep rental services. If you visit Mount Bromo, one important thing that you really need is the Bromo Jeep. For that you also need to know about the place and rental price for 1 Jeep on Mount Bromo.

We have some information regarding Jeep rentals in Mount Bromo, which you can use as a guide when visiting this place. We will also inform you about the price of renting a Jeep on Mount Bromo.

There is one question from visitors to Mount Bromo, "What if there are visitors who bring their own Jeep?" Of course this will not be permitted by the manager, related to the livelihood of the Bromo community in general. Because of this policy, all visitors are required to use Jeep rental services on Mount Bromo.

For security issues you don't need to worry because these Jeep drivers are very experienced, considering that Mount Bromo has a very dangerous terrain.

About Bromo Jeep Rental

Before we know the price of renting a Bromo Jeep, we need to convey about a number of places that can be used as exploration destinations in Mount Bromo, including the following:

  • Penanjakan 1, View Point (the best place to enjoy Bromo Sunrise tours)
  • Kingkong Hill, location near the bottom of climb 1 (second place to enjoy Sunrise tours)
  • Love Hill, location near the bottom of Kingkong hill (third place for Sunrise tour packages)
  • Penanjakan 2 / View Point Sunrise Seruni. Another alternative if Penanjakan 1 is too crowded with tourists.
  • View Point Sunrise Mentigen
  • Luhur Poten Temple (religious place of Bromo Hindus)
  • Savanna Meadow
  • Teletubies Hill (green hill)
  • Whispering Sand (desert in the caldera)
  • Argosari Hill B29 (camping place)

Bromo Jeep Rental Package

There are some of the most common classifications of renting jeeps on Mount Bromo which are often used by tourists as follows:

Jeep Rentals for 1 Location

Only 1 destination is in the Jeep parking lot in the sea of ​​Pasir (a transit point to the crater of Mount Bromo) or you can also take you to Penanjakan 1 at Mount Bromo.

Jeep rental for 2 locations

Only 2 main destination locations are Penanjakan 1 Gunung Bromo (View Point Sunrise) and Jeep parking lot for the sea of ​​sand (a transit point to the crater of Mount Bromo).

Jeep rental for 4 locations

This jeep rental package is a complete package of jeep rental services, where visitors will be escorted to travel for all tourist attractions in Mount Bromo including: Climbing 1 or climbing 2, Crater, Padang Savanah, Teletubies Hill and Whispering Sand.

Jeep Rental Prewedding

Is a jeep rental package for prewedding activities. In this package you can discuss with jeep developers in order to find the right place for shooting sessions.

Jeep rental for Milky Way / Camping Tour

It is a jeep rental package for Milky Way hunting activities. As with the package above, you can discuss the place for shooting Milky Way.

Bromo Jeep Rental Prices

Price for Package

Meeting Point 2 Place
4 Location
Sukapura Probolinggo 550.000 800.000
Cemara Lawang 500.000 700.000
Probolinggo City 1.200.000 1.350.000

Price for Event

Event Price
Milky Way 1.000.000
Prewedding 1.500.000

This is an information about Bromo Jeep rental services in 2019 hope usefully. Detail about Bromo tour package price, accomodation and hotel, please contact us.

Bromo Jeep rental services in 2019

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