Bromo entrance fee price 2019 - Update!

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Bromo entrance fee price - bromo tour package

Bromo Entrance Fee Price

Bromo entrance fee price is one of the important information that you should know before entering Mount Bromo National Park. Why? Because there are days that have different prices. Especially when the holiday season arrives, of course the entrance ticket prices is not same as on normal days.

These tourist attractions are often filled with visitors during holidays. Bromo entrance fee price at mount Bromo has increased in 2014 - 2017, and now in 2019 is the third time Bromo tickets have changed. The enactment of new entrance ticket prices will be carried out starting on June 1, 2019.

According to the forest manager, the change in the price of the entrance ticket is used for the administrative costs of developing and repairing the TNBTS area.

However, even though the price of entry tickets for these tourist destinations is very high compared to other tours, this volcano is never empty of visitors who come from all over the world throughout the season, because Mount Bromo really has amazing views with various interesting places.

Please prove it yourself!

Bromo Entrance Fee 2019

Below is the latest information about the price of Bromo entrance ticket.
1. Weekday = IDR 220.000 or about $ 15
2. Weekend = IDR 320.000 or about $ 22

Some reality that Mount Bromo has high entrance rate :
  1. Mount Bromo known as the most iconic tourism Indonesia has become the main destination for visitors from all the world
  2. There are various interested places to see the Sunrise and other views that consist of Pananjakan (the higghest peak on Bromo mountain), Kingkong Peak, Love Hill and Seruni Point
  3. Mount Bromo has unique Bromo Crater because located in the middle caldera that surrounded by Sea of Sand and mountain
  4. Cold and fresh temperature make the visitors never feel saturates
  5. This volcano also known as the best place to shoot the Milky Way or Galaxy
  6. Beside of the Bromo Crater consist of huge green grass namely Mount Bromo Savannah and located closed with Whispering Sand

That's some information about Bromo entrance fee price 2019. If You are interested to enjoy Bromo tour package, You can contact us.

Bromo Entrance Fee Price 2019

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